Insurance products are designed to protect the financial stability of the insured. While nobody likes the idea of an extra expense, insurance comes in very handy once a loss happens and the alternative would have been paying thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Some insurance products such as Workers Compensation and Auto Insurance are mandated on the state level. The decision of whether to purchase or not other insurance products is left to the discretion of the insured (although other institutions such as banks may require specific insurance as it relates to your dealings with them).

Is insurance for churches different than any other business?

Churches have a very unique component to their operation. Most businesses have one primary occupation –a daycare provides care for the children; a retail store sells merchandise; a restaurant sells and serves food items.

Churches and ministries are the opposite. While their primary purpose is to be a house of worship, they often run a variety of programs and operations to help their communities. Some of these include providing daycare/nursery services, a school,  AA meetings, camps, mission trips, crime prevention and re-entry programs and more.
Does a church need insurance? ABSOLUTELY!

Do you employ a pastor?

Does your church provide a daycare facility to parishioners’ children?

Does church clergy use cars to fulfill ministry goals?

All these situations (and many more) can result in accidents or losses that will require an enormous financial commitment.

Your pastor can break a leg, slipping on wet floor.

Parishioner’s child can become injured while in the daycare.

A church official can get into an accident while driving church’s vehicle.

These are just a handful of very common situations that might occur. Since the church provides many invaluable services to it’s community, it’s exposure varies greatly.

Purchasing insurance for your church

When considering insurance options for your church it’s important to work with a knowledgeable agent and insurance carrier that specialize in providing insurance for churches. Only an agent that has been working in this niche for a long time, will be able to correctly identify the gaps in coverage the general insurance policies might have, leaving your church unprotected in case of a loss.

While a lot of policies are standardized, there are a number of endorsements and extra coverages that can be added or removed to suit your particular operations.

Church Insurance Specialists, have partnered with Brotherhood mutual to bring you the specialized insurance solutions for churches and ministries. We know and understand churches and are ourselves heavily involved in our community. We share your passion for doing God’s work and bettering our communities.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner and advisor in all matters of insurance, not just another sales office.

Your calls and emails will be answered right away and you will receive our honest recommendations as to what coverages you might need. We are happy to review your current policy and discuss any gaps in coverages you might have.

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