When reviewing your policies or looking to purchase additional insurance products how do you decide on which agent to turn to? How do you choose the right insurance for you?

While to an untrained eye two auto insurance policies might seem the same if they have same policy limits, nothing can be further from the truth. Each policy may or may not contain coverages, unique to your particular operation and these two policies will not address your needs in the same way. Simply put,  one policy might not cover an auto loss resulting from your day to day activity, while the auto policy targeted specifically to churches would.

With so many insurance agents, companies and products on the market it is not an easy choice. After all, the coverage that you end up purchasing is only valuable if it protects what you worked for and covers the loss.

Below, we outlined a few key items to look at when choosing your coverage and insurance professional to work with.

Does your agent specialize in church insurance?

In the beginning of the article we touched briefly on this issue. Let’s look at it in more detail. When you have a skin condition to be treated, would you prefer to go to a general physician or a dermatologist?  We are sure dermatologist will be your first choice. This is the power of specialization. Same with an insurance professional. The person who will be able to correctly identify the risks you have, the coverages you need and the best strategy of accomplishing your goal to protect your financial stability and your ministry.

Will your agent accommodate any future ventures?

A church often provides multitude of programs to their community such as church assistance programs, life coaching, scripture and bible study and more. When choosing your insurance agent and the insurance company that writes your policy, it’s important to find one that understands the fluidity of churches operation and is able to accommodate it down the line. You might decide to expand your ministry to include other services, for example services for unemployed or homeless. Your agent needs to be able to recommend and execute additional coverage that you will need for this additional exposure.

Will your agent be there for you at your time of need?

Like you are there for your congregation members at a time of need, you need your agent to be there for you at a time of a loss. From your first interaction with your chosen agent, pay attention to their customer service. If they respond promptly, answer your questions in detail and address your concerns honestly – it speaks volumes!


As you’ve seen, choosing the right agent for your church or ministry is the biggest decision of all. Finding a salesperson that sells insurance is easy. Who you need, is an insurance professional that lives and breathes church insurance; one that only works with top companies in the church niche and will be able to grow and change as your ministry evolves. You need a professional you can trust – a partner and advisor, who will look out for your interests. And most of all, who’ll be there for you to help you through a claim, should anything happen.

Are you ready to discover that trusted partner and advisor in Church Insurance Specialists? As our name implies we specialize in church insurance and are standing by for a consultation or to answer any questions you might have.


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