Foreign Mission Trip Insurance

Although very popular, travel for short-term foreign mission trips presents special risks for churches and ministry workers. Let Church Insurance Specialists, Inc. explain the coverage you need for your short-term mission trips.</p> <p>Travel planners often mistakenly assume that their church's domestic property and liability insurance policies as well as their health insurance coverage will protect them during foreign travel. This is not true! There can be significant gaps in the coverage extended to foreign travel on domestic insurance policies. Some policies offer no foreign protection.


Brotherhood Mutual’s Faith Ventures® international insurance program can fill in these gaps. We offer a one-stop solution to your church’s short-term or long-term foreign liability and travel insurance needs.

Faith Ventures®allows you to choose the level of coverage you need to protect your church and those who participate in your church’s mission ministries. We offer:

What's Covered:

Foreign Liability Coverage
Foreign Voluntary Worker's Compensation
Accidental Medical and Sickness for Non-employee volunteers
Foreign Contingent Auto Liability
Accidental Death and Dismemberment for Employees and Volunteers
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Death Related Evacuation/Repatriation
Medical Assistance Services, including medical monitoring and dispatch of doctor or specialist
Travel and Security Assistance Services
...and more

1 in 6

Travelers Are Impacted By Illness Or Natural Disaster